Excalibur Resources Billing Instructions to All Vendors

Company Information

Excalibur Resources
1100 Louisiana St suite 5100
Houston TX 77002
Company Type: Corporation

Documents Completed

You should have the following documents already set up.

  • MSA
  • Work order with attached pricing agreement
  • W-9

Instructions for Payment

1. Please email all invoices and associated documents in pdf format to Invoices@ExcaliburRes.com. One invoice per email.

2. The pdf must be named properly which includes your company name underscore then invoice number (XYZ Company_123456) no other naming convention will be accepted. PDF size cannot exceed 20 MB.

3. All invoices must have an attached field ticket with stamp AND signature from a field consultant.

4. Invoice must reference a well name and AFE number if applicable.

5. Consultants will NOT sign disputed field tickets. Consultants will refer any disputed tickets to the office. Do not argue with field consultants if they do not agree with charges, all disputed charges will be handled by the drilling or completion manager.

6. Please ensure that if you are working on a Excalibur Resources well you bill Excalibur Resources and if you are working on a Paloma Operating well you bill Paloma Operating. An invoice can not contain work or services for both companies and will be rejected.

If the above instructions are not followed, payment will be significantly delayed.

For any invoice or payment question please contact Michelle Tejeda at 713-654-8528 or you can email any questions or payment inquiries to Invoices@ExcaliburRes.com

Ross Hayes
Drilling Manager
713-654-8543 direct

Mauricio Rincon-Toro
Completions Manager
713-654-8536 direct